Thursday, 19 January 2012

Header Clamps

We have a rather nice model workshop at my school,
The newest feature is a small foundry that I wanted to learn to use.
I used one of the old rotten header clamps as pattern, but it had a lot of small rust craters that would drag out the sand when I tried to make the mould.
That was dealt with by covering the thing with a sheet of 0.5mm acrylic on the vacuum table. See the lousy cell phone video below.
Next up was packing the sand tightly around the pattern, flip the frame and gently remove the plastic with the old clamp in it. I now had one half of the mould, the other half was just flat packed sand. Clamp the two together and pour in some aluminium (720°C).
I think they look pretty good just out of the mold. The next thing to do is taking down the burrs and gates in tha lathe  which I have no idea about how to use yet.

The pattern is ready. The wrinkles in the plastic make good air escape channels.

Packing sand.

The cope.

The drag and cope.

The gate is covered with a handfull of sand to let the metal set.

Et voilá!

They're already looking way better than the original.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Virtual Seat Pan

Over the past two weeks I have had a course in AutoCad and Rhinoceros. And though I'm not really good at it I thought I might as well try to make something useful so here's The drawings for my new seat project.
As to actually making it I think my best bet is to hammer it out of a sheet of aluminium over a wooden shape and then rivet on the brackets.
Sub frame and seat pan modelled in Rhino

Sub frame and seat pan modelled in Rhino

Projections from Rhino

Template made with AutoCad

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


While waiting for a strap I ordered for the Tissot I decided to try to make a leather strap for my Seiko 5. This is inspired by some flieger style watches I have seen on the web. The new full grain leather looks a bit dull, but I am looking forward to see it develop a nice patina.

Hand made leather strap

Hand made leather strap

Hand made leather strap

Hand made leather strap
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