Sunday, 15 April 2012

Some Progress

I have removed the battery tray and stowed the electrics under the seat. Next thing is to fab up a little oil tank. I still need a place to get banjo fittings for oil lines (5mm ID). Please let me know if you know one.
GT500 waiting for a custom oil tank.

And this is just because I can:

Remember your 3D glasses.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Trickers for Herring Shoes Charley Boot

I normally wouldn't do posts like this. This isn't supposed to be one of those blogs that are merely a catalogue of free advertising for products that doesn't really need it. But I just found this and found it interisting.
The market is flooded with 'casual' safety footwear for motorcycle riding. All of these looking like strange cross overs between streetwear sneaks and MBT abominations. The Charley boot is an attempt to make a genuinely stylish boot suitable for motorcycle riding.
I think the attempt is mainly successful and I like the boots overall, but what is going on with that shifter patch? I don't get why they didn't just integrate it with the wing tip. That could have been done in a much cleaner way.
They are made by Trickers so should be solid quality, but they don't seem to have any real proection build in other than that from a strong sole and thick leather. That might be sufficient for most - myself included, but I think that when you market a pair of boots as motorcycle boots they should have CE approved armor.
Theres also a plain model in brown as seen in the last photo.
Herring Shoes website

Trickers for Herring Shoes Charley Boot

Trickers for Herring Shoes Charley Boot

Trickers for Herring Shoes Charley Boot

Trickers for Herring Shoes Boorman Boot

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Finished Taillight

Remember this one?

Original 1964-67 VW Bug Hella turn signal

It's finally done and mounted and it looks one hell of a lot better than stock! I made the bracket/socket holder from some scrap aluminiium I had lying around and I made a template to get the mounting holes in the mudguard just right.
I still have to cut the mudguard and ditch the crusty seat. And yes, that is a flywheel lying on the ground but that's back in after a coil change.
I also lowered the front light and gauge cluster. A small mod with a huge effect. I like that it has a stock vibe but just looks better.

New lights all around

Everything has been wired in after this photo was taken.

Lower head light looks a lot faster.

Anaglyph View

- Bring your own 3D glasses.
An anaglyph is a picture that shows a 3 dimensional image when seen through a special pair of glasses with different lens colours. Usually the right lens is blue and the left is red.

As you will know from my last post I just returned from Japan. There will be a few more posts in the future about various subjects regarding that trip.

Amongst a lot of interesting sites we also visited Shirakawa-go a UNESCO world heritage village in the Shogawa river valley. While there I decided to take some photos to experiment a little with making anaglyph 3D images. I had now idea about how to make this kind of 3D image (I didn't even know their proper name at the time). All I knew was that I needed two photos of the same view taken from slighty different points corresponding to the distance between your eyes.
Today I followed a random tutorial on the web to try to make some anaglyphs and they actually turned out pretty cool.
Below are the original photos.

Now put on your special glasses and click to enlarge!

Shirakawa-go view in 3D

Shirakawa-go view in 3D

Shirakawa-go view in 3D
I have always wanted to learn to make this kind of 3D picure and it's actually quite easy so I see a lot of fun potential now. Both for school and for random stuff for the blog. Next I'll have to learn to make it by hand with watercolours. Yeah!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Not So Local Rides: Tokyo

Just home from a school trip to Japan. This place is pretty wack. I managed to get some photos of some special rides for the blog. At least in my eyes they are - I suspect the japanese are becoming acustomed to awesome stuff everywhere. Almost every bike I saw was vintage and/or very customized. Mostly small bore singles that looked to be very fun to zoom around town. Very inspiring indeed.
Well, here's a pic heavy post. The last four photos are from Naoshima and Kyoto though. Not Tokyo.

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