Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Crazy Tuned '77 Z1000

I found this one parked at the site for our new school project. Amongst a lot of mods the engine has been bored to 1300ccm, been fitted with new cams, flat slide Mikuni carbs and exhaust. The guy who started this build even chose to modify the main bearings heavily. And mount totally overkill carbon fiber wheels.
The owner told me it's a complete blast to rideas it boosts a good 100 bhp. I guess the 4 into 1 Supertrapp exhaust sounds amazing too.

Crazy Tuned '77 Z1000

Crazy Tuned '77 Z1000

Crazy Tuned '77 Z1000

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I had the great opportunity to participate in a one and a half day seminar lead by the great japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi.

Yesterday he held a lecture to tell us a little about his work and filosophy. I find his whole thought about making architecture part of the cycles of nature extremely inspirational.
Sambuichi tried to learn us that the earth consists of inert and moving material in a mutual influental relationship and that we should consider all the possible ways we influent the movements of air, water, etc. But it's not as much taking natural phenomenons into account as it's about controlling them and using them to your advantages.

For this short seminar my co-student and I seeked to use and intensify the howling winds at the western coast of jutland. Basicaly our structure consists of a big funnel that leads the winds into a giant organ pipe. We found that leaving the mouth of the pipe the only opening facing south creates a concentration of light at the flue. This emphazises the small space where the sound is actualy generated and makes this a very special area to experience. I can't imagine it's a very pleasant place to stay, but it was really fun and educational to make.

And please excuse the grimey cell phono photos.

Our model
Sambuichi seminar
Sambuichi seminar
Sambuichi seminar
Sambuichi seminar
Sambuichi seminar
Sambuichi seminar
Sambuichi seminar

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Today I finished a watercolour painting of a Magpie. It is based on a photo I found with imagesearch. My wife is contemplating having this as a tattoo on the back of her shoulder and I really think it could turn out beautiful.

Watercolour magpie

Watercolour magpie

A List of Planned Mods

A while ago I posted a drawing of how I like my GT500 to look. Here's a list of the modifications that I have in mind. Most of them are in the drawing. Some of them I forgot while making it...
It is important to me that the bike is ridable all the way through the process so this will take some time. A very limited budget doesn't help and neither does my lack of skills and disposable time. Any way; I guess that in a few years time it will be done. Or I will have changed the route completely.

Chassis and appearance:
New skinny seat
Footpegs moved back a bit and controls shortened
Natural GT grips
Rear mudguard replaced with clear pvc sheet
Front mudguard trimmed
Painted panels on the tank

Electrical and lights:
Small tail light
Lowered head light
Smaller indicators
Battery etc. relocated
Speedo relocated to the tank

K&N filters
Expansion chambers
New oil tank

Hubs and spokes painted black

Artist's conception of a custom Suzuki GT500

Colour Coded Garage Doors

A very nice touch.

Colour Coded Garage Doors

New Filters

The airbox rubbers were pretty rotten and the engine was starting to act up so I decided to have go at pod filters and rejetting.

Hard and cracking rubber

Cars themed socks!

New cheap ass pod filters
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