Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Seiko SKX175 Custom

This watch has hardly been off my wrist since I got it back from the watchmaker.  The watch itself is a Seiko SKX175 - a Malaysian made version of SKX009 made for the american market.
The cool blue reflection you see on the face is caused by a domed sapphire crystal with a blue anti glare coating on the inside. Other than the crystal the watch has got a set of black day/date wheels instead of the stock white ones. Crystal and calendar wheels are both from Yobokies. Click that link. There's loads of inspiration.
The last mod is a bezel insert from Dagaz. The insert is a tribute to a Bell & Ross watch issued to the French Civil Defense Bomb Squad.
I expected the contrast between the dial and the calendar to be more noticable. The dial is dark blue, but it kind of fades away behind the blue coating on the crystal.
The only thing I am slightly disapointed about is the bezel insert. The color is a bit strange with a faint hint of violet to it, the lumen in the two pips are very weak compared to the brightnes of stock Seiko lumen and one of the pips are ever so lightly off center too.

My new custom Seiko SKX Demineur

My new custem Seiko SKX Demineur

Yes, The dial is blue

The watch prior to the mods.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Turn Signals

I love internet shopping. Especially when the time from payment to recievement is so long that you have forgotten all the money you threw out on the goods.
Here's some turn signals for the GT500. They are from Japan via the Netherlands. Quite a journey.

Daytona turn signals

Daytona turn signals

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Geely Desert Sled

First local ride of 2012, yeah!
Whenever I take photos for my blog a write a note for the owner in case they should have something against me posting their ride. Or if they have a special story to tell. Shortly after I photographed this bike, I found at my school, I got a text from Esben who owns it. He told me how it was put together extremely fast and on a very thight budget one summer. The extremely low key build doesn't keep it from being a great tourer though and Esben has taken it as far as Bosnia. The touring kit consists of a front mudguard and a bicycle computer. Crazy.
Also, check out the really nice Biemmezeta in the background. Very nice patinaed cromovelato finish.

Geely 150 custom desert sled

Geely 150 custom desert sled

Geely 150 custom desert sled

Geely 150 custom desert sled

Geely 150 custom desert sled

Open intake on an offroader is a bit radical in my opinion.

Who needs a horn when your bike is loud as hell?

Geely 150 custom desert sled

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Taillight In Spe

Curth over at Copenhagen Aircoolers gave me this cute little bug turnsignal. I think it will make for a neat taillight.
Original 1964-67 VW Bug Hella turn signal

Monday, 5 March 2012

Header Clamps Finally Done

I am happy to announce that my first pieces of fabrication are finished!
See this post for the background.
I have never used a milling machine before, but I found it very amusing trying to follow a diagonal with the two axes of back-and-forth and left-and-right. The end result is pretty nice I think, some flaws from the casting sand and the backsides a bit funny looking, but I am still stoked with my own capability. And they weigh exactly the half of the stock ones. Not that I am a weight weenie, obviously.
Besides that it was a great excuse to go to oliehulen, which is a shared workshop space where Mads from my schools workshop spends every thursday night working on his very spectacular 1920ies Indian factory racer. Thank you for helping me out Mads. I owe you.
I also blasted, painted and baked the headers. The matte paint is hiding the rust craters pretty well - at least from a distance.


The one in the back, out of focus is the one with the worst finish.

So pleased with this

Black is slimmimg.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Made to Measure Gloves From The UK

Early this winther when the cold started to set in I figured it was about time I got a new set of proper fitting gloves. Because of my slim hands with long fingers I have always had problems finding gloves with a good fit. Therefore I had already done a bit of casual research on bespoke gloves and found Chester Jefferies to offer an easy and cheap option.
You simply trace your hands on a piece of paper, mail it to them and pay a one-time fee of £20 to have them have them make a bespoke pair and store the pattern for future orders.
So I spend the good part of a minute on drawing an outline of both my hands and mailed it over to England. And started waiting.
A few weeks passed without a word when I suddenly got a call. The gloves were done; ready for shipping.
The photos below show the second pair. Yes, I had to return the first pair with some fitting problems. I actually half expected that. It takes more than just one drawing to get completely right.
The next pair however was not quite there yet, but I chose to keep it to evaluate thorough. A really good plan was it not for the fact that I managed to loose them on the bus just when I was about to feel confident about what to have changed.
The model I chose is a classic officer's glove, in an eyecatching yet classic color called old gold on the site. The leather is nice and soft and the crafting is fine, but nothing special - the stitching is a bit uneven in places. I had them lined in cashmere and they were very warm thogh really sleek.
I bought them as an evaluation pair before I would place an order on one of the finer hand made models, but it really buggers me to have lost them.

Chester Jefferies gloves

Chester Jefferies gloves

Chester Jefferies gloves
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