Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Anaglyph View

- Bring your own 3D glasses.
An anaglyph is a picture that shows a 3 dimensional image when seen through a special pair of glasses with different lens colours. Usually the right lens is blue and the left is red.

As you will know from my last post I just returned from Japan. There will be a few more posts in the future about various subjects regarding that trip.

Amongst a lot of interesting sites we also visited Shirakawa-go a UNESCO world heritage village in the Shogawa river valley. While there I decided to take some photos to experiment a little with making anaglyph 3D images. I had now idea about how to make this kind of 3D image (I didn't even know their proper name at the time). All I knew was that I needed two photos of the same view taken from slighty different points corresponding to the distance between your eyes.
Today I followed a random tutorial on the web to try to make some anaglyphs and they actually turned out pretty cool.
Below are the original photos.

Now put on your special glasses and click to enlarge!

Shirakawa-go view in 3D

Shirakawa-go view in 3D

Shirakawa-go view in 3D
I have always wanted to learn to make this kind of 3D picure and it's actually quite easy so I see a lot of fun potential now. Both for school and for random stuff for the blog. Next I'll have to learn to make it by hand with watercolours. Yeah!

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